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Route Information

We’ll provide road support, SAG stops with snacks and refreshments, and lunch each day on Saturday and Sunday, with a number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections.  The routes for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be marked with Dan Henrys on the road surface.  The traditional Monday morning ride will not be marked.  All routes will have maps, cue sheets, and GPS files available at www.ridewithgps.

Final Route Information

Routes are now final.  If we need to make changes, an addendum will be issued.  You will get a complete packet of maps / cue sheets in your registration packet.  If you plan to arrive early, or if you want a color map, please download from the links below.  Items with an " * " are included in your entry packet.

Friday's route is a 28 mile marked route through the architectural sites of Columbus.  We will also have a 14 mile route, including all the poker stops, starting at Mill Race Park in Columbus. We invite you to join us for a little fun with a poker run during this ride.  Five stops will be identified in the cue sheet.  At each stop you will take a photo of the object on your smart phone.  To help us with scoring, please take the photos in the order listed in the cue sheet.  If you include in your photo an MTR team that you don't already know, you may draw an extra card at the end up to two additional cards.  If you are unable to find two teams while riding, you may take pictures of two teams that you don't already know at the Hilton after you complete your ride.  We will be leading a group start from the Hilton at 3:00p.m., but you may ride this on your own.

We will have a scoring table at the Hilton open from 6:00p.m. to 8:30p.m.  Results will be based on the best poker hand and posted immediately.  Prizes have been donated by Tandems East, Tandems Limited, and Tiger Bike Mirror.  Teams are expected to complete the course on the bike, and no provisions will be made if you are unable to ride due to bad weather.

Saturday's route will start at the shopping mall lot just north of the Hilton.  We will head southwest with a SAG at the Unitarian / Universalist Church west of Columbus.  From there, you'll have an 19 mile loop around Grandview Lake, with an option to ride an extra 5 miles with some "serious" hills.  Returning from the SAG to lunch, you'll have an optional 4 mile loop around Harrison Lake.  Lunch will be at the Mill Race Center on the west side of downtown Columbus.  Riders taking the shorter distances may have time to visit the Farmer's Market (closes at 12:30pm) just east of lunch.  After lunch, we'll highlight some of the trails on the north side of Columbus as we return to the Hotels.  Distances will range from 34 miles to  67 miles.

Sunday's route will again start at the shopping mall and head east to a SAG at the town of Hope.  From there you'll have a 15 mile loop around Lake Schaefer OR a 22 mile loop around Lake Schaefer with a trip to Anderson Falls.  From Hope you'll ride to Simmon's Winery where lunch will be served.  You may sample the local wines for $1 per taste.  Distances will range from 35 miles to 64 miles.

Monday's road route will start at the Hilton and head north with the exact route to be determined.  Since breakfast is provided at the host hotels, there will not be a breakfast stop during the ride.

Monday Mountain Biking:  Before you head home, please join us for a no drop mountain bike ride on the trails of Brown County.  We will start in Brown County State Park and head out to enjoy the trails of Yellowwood Forest, and then back into the park.  The ride will be approximately 3 hours long, consisting of single track, double track, and loads of fun.  We will have a SAG stop to provide drinks and snacks.  Then we can shower in the park's campground and have a late lunch enjoying some local craft brews and camaraderie.

If you have not heard of the trails of Brown County State Park, you're missing out on some of the best-ranked trails in the country.  Check out these websites for more information:

The $5 per person fee covers the cost of SAG food and the campground showers.  The entry fee to Brown County State Park is $7 for an in-state vehicle, and $12 for an out-of-state vehicle.  A trail fee of $5 per person may apply (we are trying to get a group rate).  For more information, email Peter Louton at peter@midwestbicycleworks.com

Severe Weather Plan

Indoor facilities (permanent structures) are located at all lunch and rest stops where you can take shelter if inclement weather arises.  If you can't make these facilities, you should seek alternative shelter.